CORPORATE PARTNERDear Fellow Professionals, HR Directors or Business Managers, 

SpeakEasy! is an accent modification service passionate to empower talent to thrive in global work environments.  American English accent training is elective professional development.  We partner to recognize the high-value assets of accents in scientific, government, military, medical, legal, academic, & business exchanges. As a small business listed in the Federal Government Repository & DoD contractor, we partner in successful diversity, inclusion & belonging strategies.

We help ELL professionals with a high degree of fluency in English & mild to severe differences in their American English accent, making it difficult for listeners to understand them consistently. 

We empower linguistically talented ELL professionals & their employers, to shatter accent barriers to the pivot of an understandable American accent.  Our accent pronunciation program is a critical component in a successful professional development plan.  Benefits for all stakeholders include:

★ talent 
recruitment opportunities are worldwide

★ enabling smooth relocation transitions to English speaking countries

★ broadening perspectives in new markets

★ timely collaboration of innovative ideas 

★ efficient independence in effective communication for increased productivity

★ retention in job positions with increased opportunity to succeed

★ advancement of job performance enabling a career path growth plan 

★ empowering confidence in speaking to unlock full potential in global teams

We deliver an extensive depth of elective assessment & training, focusing on the most urgent problems impacting pronunciation. My core competency is over 35 years of curating strategic combinations of evidence-based pronunciation training methods. All trainers are M.A. educated standard American English speakers. Best practices accelerate the learning of concepts that support a learner's shift in awareness & consciousness to unique speech sound differences, the path to sustained speech change.

Our virtual program is technologically robust for engagement & customizable. The Discovery 7 course includes: 
★ A pre-course, Personal Speech Analysis & 90-min consultation completed by me, Cindy Jansen MA CCC-SLP. 
★ Learner engages in +40 hrs of direct service & +80 hrs of guided practice in a 3-month term. 
★ A total of 6, 60 min 1:1 consultations in the virtual PROnunciation Café.
★ On-demand modules.
★ Trainers monitor recorded practice & reply with audible coaching e-mails.
★ LIFETIME access to the Compton Online Practice Program. 
★ Group engagement. 
★ Guided independent study.
★ An ally to ramp up skills for job interviews, presentations, & plans to move to an English speaking country.

The post-course Personal Speech Analysis reflects measurable change and gains further insight.

If they're at work, they're in class. We collaborate with you to avoid attendance losses that waste money. Scheduling on our website is available 24/7.  We align training with company goals, creating custom materials for meaningful engagement of your candidate or your small group,  accelerating sustainable accent modification change in 3 - 6 months. 

Advancing talent in professional development via LIVE online instruction is conveniently available worldwide in businesses, homes and during traveling.  

If you have any questions about custom corporate accent modification training, please schedule a No cost, No obligation telephone consult or contact Cindy Jansen M.A. CCC-SLP  [email protected]

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