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SpeakEasy! is a small international telepractice providing accent modification services to modify and improve American English pronunciation, within corporations and to individuals worldwide.

As Speech Trainers we provide exceptional accent modification services with evidence-based methods in BEST PRACTICE  because we are qualified:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists possessing Master's degrees from accredited Universities
  • Certificates of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
  • Certification in the Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Method in addition to some courses through LDS & Associates Training Center
  • Native speakers of American English

We are your way to clear and confident 'accentedness' in American English as your vocal resume, contributing to the realization of your dreams in ...


Just like piano lessons, you can't modify your accent by ‘thinking’.  You need accurate, repetitive motor practice to stimulate neuroplasticity  in learning American pronunciation for ...


Our HYBRID approach begins with a phonetic and intonation assessment of your speech.  The results of the assessment help us to plan your custom 1:1 sessions and dynamic immersion in conversation.  Central to our approach, we teach you how to practice correctly and frequently in your online subscription and  LIFETIME access to the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language practice lab.  We monitor and email audio feedback of your practice for the duration of your session series.  An official certificate of PESL completion is awarded at the conclusion of either the Discovery 7 or Enlightened 13 courses. You are able to schedule easily 24/7 online ...


Schedule a no cost, no obligation telephone consult and SpeakEasy! can plan a custom accent modification online training program for your budget and your schedule.

My Story

My Story

Hi!  I’m Cindy.  It's been my honor for 35 years to meet knee to knee with people, including many non-native English speakers, on their worst communication day and help them.  

In graduate school, 3 critical evidence-based speech pronunciation concepts contributed to the inspiration for SpeakEasy!.  First, all infants have the motor planning potential to be a native speaker of any language.  Second, immersive language learning during 'motherese' trains specialization of the muscles to create their speech.  That means the distinctive motor planning features of unpracticed sounds do not develop.  The neural cells that activate those muscles will find something else to do or lay in wait.  This is a 'pruning process' or learned non-use.  Third, Speech-Language Pathologists know that we are 'trainers of cells', and those cells lying in wait can be stimulated with training and motivated practice to achieve neuroplasticity These are the constructs for the methods and materials at SpeakEasy!.  

I served as a research intern at the National Institutes of Health where I learned early the efficacy of the evidence-based practice.  I was awarded by nomination a listing in the publication 'Who’s Who in American Colleges & Universities' and was selected to work in a professor's private practice.  Despite these accolades, graduate school also inspired my own speech humility first hand.  Near graduation, I was called into a professor's office and told, "We can't let you graduate until you 'fix' your speech". It was with complete surprise and some embarrassment when I heard myself saying ‘mouf’ for the very first time. How was it that I had not heard my own speech error?  I was 26 and succeeding in a Master's degree program for Speech and Language Pathology before anyone told me how to hear my own speech!  That /f/ sound in the final position of the word /mouth/ was an outlier in my clear, precise neutral American English pronunciation.  In fact, my 'mouf' was an artifact of motherese from my non-native speaking mother.  At that moment, I felt the threat of this speech error derailing my dream of being the first person in my family to receive a college education!  Admittedly, as a listener, it would have been awkward and distracting for a speech pronunciation specialist to mispronounce mouth!  I was motivated to modify my speech.  One sound, in one position and in one day, I 'fixed' it.  I did graduate! 


As a child of immigrants, I know your courage and the hard work it takes to be linguistically gifted.  My Swedish Aunt Irene gave me guidance: Communication is the most important thing.  It’s not always easy but stick with it.  It’s worth it’. In my life as a first-generation American, passionate traveler of 52 countries, a community volunteer with ESL adults and also as a mother, I have experienced communication breakdowns and repairs first hand. All of this helped to cast my passion.

It is from these principles of an immigrant family driven with empathy for communication struggles that lead to positive change, love for the foundation of our American culture and expert speech training skills, that I passionately want to help you meet your accent modification goals.                                           

Your 'vocal resume' can match your competency

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