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My Story

My Story

Hi!  I’m Cindy.  It's been my honor for +35 years to meet knee to knee with people on their worst communication day and help them.  

I've empowered thousands of individuals whose pronunciation was different from their community to speak with confidence.  

The MA in Speech-Language Pathology provides a depth of study in speech sound science, anatomy and physiology, psychology and neurolinguistics.    I was awarded a position as a research intern at the National Institutes of Health a pillar in the efficacy of a research-based practice, a listing in the publication Who’s Who in American Colleges & Universities and Sam.gov verified as a DoD contractor.  

I partner with stakeholders for elective, instructor led accent modification methods that change lives.  I am dedicated to replace accent barriers and enable a pivot to effective communication in an American accent.  I have developed a proven method by pairing speech pronunciation science with a combination of technology tools for proven accent modification.  

My Accent Story

Near graduation, a professor told me, "We can't let you graduate until you fix your speech". It was with complete surprise and embarrassment when I heard myself say "mouf" for the very first time. How was it that I had not heard my speech error in the word mouth? No one had told me. I was 26 and succeeding in a Master's degree program for Speech and Language Pathology.   At that moment, I felt the threat of ending my dream to be the first person in my immigrant family to graduate college and with a Master's degree. My /f/ sound in the word mouth was an outlier in my clear, standard American English pronunciation. I assessed later that day, it was an artifact of motherese from my non-native speaking mother. It would be distracting for a speech pronunciation specialist to mispronounce mouth. Motivated to modify my one sound, I 'fixed' in one day. I did graduate!

I know a little bit about how it feels! 

As a child of immigrants, I know your courage and the hard work it takes to be linguistically gifted. Effective communication is a credibly respected way to remove barriers and represent your culture.  The goal of learning an American accent is for the mutual best communication between speakers and listeners in the shared language of English.

Technology a Deeper Dive

My core competency has been curating strategic combinations of research-based pronunciation assessment and training methods, aligned with the learner’s needs.  I utilize a combination of technology efficiencies to engage learning with speech spectrograms, custom online practice programs, monitoring of practice with audible emails to coach speech differences, and on-demand modules teaching American accent concepts. 

As a passionate traveler of +50 countries, Speech and Language Pathologist in medical practice and community volunteer with ELL adults I have a strong understanding of an individual's communication challenges when their speech is different from their community. It is from these principles and with empathy that I passionately want to help you.   Please reach out and contact me to learn how we can partner with my technologically robust accent modification program.                                        

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